WSI DIGITAL POWER HOUR SERIES: Increase Your Brand Promotion 3 Strategies to Make Your Customers Take Notice


Don’t let anyone fool you: popularity contests (which you knew only too well back in high school) are definitely NOT just a thing of the past. They’re very much present in today’s business world and this ‘contest’ is following your name and your brand around…relentlessly!

So what is a business to do if they want to get noticed for their great services, products, or general awesomeness? How, in the boundlessness that is the digital realm, can a company possibly attract and then hold the attention of their audience online?

Dennis Masella – a leading WSI Consultant from USA – will tackle these very questions at our next Digital Power Hour.

Throughout this presentation Dennis will focus on the strategies that’ll help your customers take notice, such as:

  • Using social and display advertising like the pros to boost wide-scale audience engagement
  • Leveraging paid search campaigns that concentrate on exactly WHO you want, WHEN you want
  • Producing engaging video messages to showcase your savvy and increase your clout

By the end, you and your team will be better equipped to map out an effective plan for getting your brand out there, showcased in its glory, and ultimately, noticed by your customer base.