WSI DIGITAL POWER HOUR: 15 Ways to Adapt to the Digital Landscape of 2015


There’s one truth we live by in this industry and that is THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT IS IN CONSTANT FLUX. Just as businesses aim to evolve alongside their customers’ needs, the digital arena where you engage with your audience also continues to transform…quickly!

Take mobile devices, for instance. Each year laptop and desktop computer sales drop, while tablets sales continue to climb (source: statista). And with the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch, the opportunities to engage with on-the-go consumers will be limitless.

So, the cold hard truth is that if you’re not adapting to the digital space quite as fast as your customers are, then you might as well be operating in the prehistoric times of buying ad space in your local newspaper while crossing your fingers that someone (anyone!) will respond to your ad.

On the other hand, you can just attend this presentation! Leading WSI Digital Marketing Consultant, Husam Jandal, will take you through 15 ways you and your team can adapt to the digital revolution, capitalize on the opportunities, and connect with your customers like never before.