If I go to the trouble of blogging, will anyone see it?

There are essentially 3 ways people end up reading your blog. The first is from a referral from your social media accounts when you post an interesting introduction to your blog topic along with a link to the post.

The second way people will come to read your blog is via a search. If you spend a few extra minutes to understand what people are looking for online in relation to your industry, then make sure to use those terms/keywords in your blog posts.

The third way people read your blog is through RSS readers. These are people who have already found your blog, enjoy your content and want to make sure they see all your posts. Each of your blog posts is imported into their feed reader which shows them all the new posts from your blog as well as other blogs they are subscribed to. From the RSS feed you can drive these readers into your site, hopefully, filled with rich content and effective Calls to Action!