Perspectives from WSI eBiz

In our digital world, offering online content is essential to nurturing relationships. Effective content goes beyond information about your brand, your products, services, or expertise. You’ll connect with prospects and reassure customers when you demonstrate that you understand their challenges and have solutions to help. Ideally, targeted content will help you identify leads and set them down the path to becoming a customer.

But delivering relevant, fresh content requires time and talent. As you’re developing your marketing plans, a tactical consideration is whether to create content in-house or outsource it (or maybe a little bit of both). The team at WSI eBiz collaborated on the following perspectives to help guide your decision.

Outsourcing Content Creation

Many companies avoid outsourcing content creation because their teams are skeptical that an external writer can develop compelling blogs, infographics, or videos. If your product or service is technically complex, you may need to incorporate robust onboarding to help your writers meet your content expectations and connect with customers.

But outsourcing content has several valuable benefits:

  • You’ll increase your outreach efforts with the external resource.
  • Outside perspectives can infuse your marketing efforts with new, powerful ideas.
  • Content creation becomes more efficient as outside resources make content a priority and meet deadlines.
  • Professional writers can transform complex concepts into approachable, compelling information.

Why Keep Content Creation In-House?

Having internal teams create content has unique advantages:

  • Your team understands your business, your customers, and their needs.
  • Costs for content creation are part of team salaries, eliminating the need for a separate budget.
  • As stakeholders in your company, your contributors are strongly invested in the effectiveness of their content.

Generating Effective Content, Regardless of the Source

Whether you choose to produce content in-house or hire professional writers, having a plan and process will help you deliver useful information.

  • Identify the types of content you need to support buyers throughout each stage of their journey. Do you need blogs, newsletters, infographics, or videos? Will writers conduct interviews with subject matter experts?
  • Outline the amount of content and a delivery schedule. You may alter the program during the year, but having visibility to a complete plan will help you allocate resources to meet your goals.
  • Share your brand style guidelines, with dos and don’ts about how to express your brand voice. Give content producers access to your sales and marketing collateral, including sell sheets, training manuals, and internal subject matter experts.

Finding the Right Support for Content Creation

As you consider options for creating content to support your business, reach out to the WSI eBiz team to learn more about our capabilities.

Whether you’re a start-up, small-to-medium size enterprise, or a large corporation, outsourcing some or all your content creation will help you focus on your core competencies. We’ll help you demonstrate your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness and build credibility with customers. Our goal is to deliver highly creative, customer-friendly, informative content that helps grow your business.

We’ll take care of the content, giving your teams more time to nurture leads and close deals.

Contact us today to get started!