These days, if something doesn’t happen instantly and on-demand, it doesn’t happen at all! According to emailmonday – the Ultimate mobile email stats: (2021), mobile email accounts for 26 to 78% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product, and email type. Your potential new customers could be reading their emails from their smartphones or tablets. If you want your emails read and acted upon, you need to customize your emails to cater to the on-the-go consumer with mobile-friendly email campaigns. 

Here are some important tips for making your email campaign more compatible with mobile.

  • Short and concise subject lines. Less of the subject line gets displayed on a mobile device. Since your subject line is the headline of your email, keep it to 40 characters or less. 
  • Put the most important information front and center. Consumers are more likely to just skim through your email while they are reviewing it on a mobile device. Be sure they see the most important information. Put it upfront and use sub-headlines to call out specific points. 
  • Use a single-column template. Most email marketing tools have responsive templates designed to work with mobile devices. However, sticking with a single-column template helps with easy readability with all email clients. 
  • Enjoy the white space. White space is a natural way to break up texts, increase readability, and frame the content in your email. Use white space in your email to ensure it looks clean and uncluttered.
  • Use larger fonts. Readability is the most important element of a mobile-friendly email. Using larger fonts helps with readability on smaller screens. Remember, your customers are likely reading in a less-than-ideal situation while on the go. 
  • Incorporate a strong and clearly visible call to action. There should be one clear call to action for mobile viewing. Remember that a finger has much less accuracy than a mouse when clicking on the screen, so creating a large call to action button works best on mobile. Use an accent color to make it clearly visible. If you choose to use an image for the call to action, be sure to use clear ALT text, in case the image doesn’t load. This ALT text should include direct language such as “Click Here”.
  • Optimize your imagery and use appropriate alt text. A good rule of thumb for all email marketing campaigns is taking slow download speeds into account. This is especially important for mobile-friendly email campaigns. Use limited but valuable images to break up texts and add visual appeal. Responsive coding will help with the size of your images. Remember, not all email recipients automatically download images from new sources, so using appropriate ALT text with your images is essential if you want your email to still make an impact when the images don’t load.
  • Have a clear hierarchy and design. Using headlines, font sizes, and colored text, you can create a clear hierarchy for your email. Use this to walk the reader through your email and show them exactly how you want the information consumed.
  • Don’t forget to test your email on multiple devices. Everyone knows that each email client displays emails differently. The same goes for mobile devices. Be sure to test your email on multiple devices to ensure that it displays correctly. If you don’t have access to multiple devices, look for services that offer device testing for you.

The most important elements of any email campaign are reader usability and readability. Ensuring your email is accessible by mobile readers is an essential step in increasing your click-through rates and customer following. If you have any questions or need assistance with your email marketing, contact us and set up a FREE 15-minute consultation with our marketing expert.