One of the main reasons people disregard published content or opt out of a newsletter is due to irrelevant messages. We are all bombarded with information on a daily basis, therefore it’s become essential to provide your potential customers with personalized messaging. Consumers want to know that you’re targeting them for a reason and that your product or service adds value to them.

One very useful way to help you accomplish this is to create Buyer Personas. Buyer Personals are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. They provide insights into your potential customer which can be invaluable when creating branding materials, as well as marketing your products or services. Buyer Personas will be your guide to segmenting both your lead marketing programs and managing your customer database. To develop each buyer persona, consider demographics, job level and seniority, daily life experiences, common life challenges, values, goals, where they acquire their information, and experience expectations. Can their job title, income level, age, or specific interests identify them? By understanding how to efficiently identify each buyer persona, the marketing professional is able to ask the right questions in a concise way on opt-in forms, or create valuable content based on who is consuming that content.

If you want to develop buyer personas for your business, feel free to download our full guide, How to Create Buyer Personas: to help you get started. Good Luck!