Insights from the Team at WSI eBIZ

At the quarterly marketing meeting, your VP says, “I think it’s time to update our website.” Others at the table quickly chime in with ideas, such as:

  • “Let’s have pages for our products, our history, and our team.”
  • “Yes, and don’t forget the blog.”
  • “We want to showcase our industry associations.”
  • “And what about a portal where customers can access our catalog?”
  • “I hear videos are a must-have now on websites.”
  • “I heard you can buy off-the-shelf templates and get a site up in 1 day!”

The input may generate questions, including:

  • “How do we know if more people are visiting the site?”
  • “What about that SEO-stuff?”
  • “Can we generate leads with the website?”

A straightforward request from your VP can quickly escalate into a complex project.  The WSI eBIZ team collected a few insights to make a website build more manageable.

  • Create a scope document that maps the experience you want for users and the site features to showcase your company.
  • Divide the design work into sections since you’re likely to get requests for changes. Using an agile approach will help you remain flexible as the website development work continues.
  • Be clear about the mandatory elements of the site to ensure you have essential considerations identified upfront.
  • Balance beauty with functionality. It’s tempting to create a one-of-a-kind designer website, but your visitors prioritize functionality and effectiveness over good looks. Standard design frameworks that offer some level of customization will help you produce an easy-to-use, consistent, and attractive website.
  • Prototype your site and test, test, test to confirm everything works as expected on every device, including mobile.
  • Remember, the ‘behind-the-curtain’ elements are equally essential as the design. Keeping your code as simple as possible ensures your content shines through.

Partner with a Professional Web Design Company

A website agency can help you navigate the intricacies of site design, delivering several essential elements for a stand-out experience:

  • Goal-focused content. You’ll have a site that reflects your business and meets your customers’ expectations.
  • Appealing and easy to use. Web creators will incorporate the graphics, colors, and designs that align with your brand guidelines in a pleasing, easy-to-navigate structure.
  • Technology-enabled to allow successful incorporation of website features growing in popularity such as video, links, forms for lead capture, and RSS feeds.
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) to get your website high rankings and make it easier for potential clients to visit.
  • Ongoing maintenance to keep your site current with changes in technology and functioning with top-tier effectiveness.

Your website is often a customer’s first encounter with your company. Hiring a professional web designer will help you deliver a positive impression every time a customer visits your site. And you’ll delight your internal team (including your VP) with the results.

Choose WSI eBIZ for Website Design

A well-designed website helps you grow your business, reaching customers with a creative, approachable platform that captures attention and encourages engagement. When you work with WSI eBIZ, we’ll bring our award-winning team to meet with you. Together, we’ll craft a site that reflects your mission and vision while drawing visitors to learn more about your company.

Let’s talk about building a website that creates a memorable, compelling experience for your customers!  Contact us today.